editor -Shwet Bhushan Tripathi

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Cricket is all about fair play ,if any one asked me what you get by playing cricket my answer is -I learn how to respect some-one and most intresting part I learn how to play under good leadership and if I am  a leader than I will always try to put good  example in front of others.

But all above thing shatters today when incident of balltampering took place today at Newland ground in South-Africa and most intresting part of this incident was that it was planned by whole team management in the dressing room.By this incident Australia had mocked their reputation in cricketing world really shamefull activity done by them to win the match.

After this incident definetly every-one will ask these question to them …..

1.Was this first time they had attempted or they did such kind of activity regularly to win matches?

2.How a captain plan such activity in dressing room and why any of the team member or management has not opposed him.

3.On whom penality will be implemented ,It will be the captain who had planned it or will it be Bancroft who had done this or on whole team who had supported it?